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About Us

About the Minnesota High-Speed Rail Commission

The Minnesota High-Speed Rail Commission is one of the leading authoritative voices on high-speed rail in Minnesota. Comprised of elected officials from 16 local governments, the commission advocates for the development of Minnesota’s first high-speed rail line within the federally designated high-speed rail corridor that connects the Twin Cities to Milwaukee and Chicago. The commission is a strong proponent of bringing high-speed rail to the Midwest through the scenic upper Mississippi River valley.

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About the Project

Six to eight round-trip high-speed trains each day are envisioned between the Twin Cities, Milwaukee and Chicago along the existing Amtrak Empire Builder route. This expanded service is intended to provide a transportation alternative for business and leisure travelers who currently take more than 10 million trips annually by train, car and plane. Service would be expanded incrementally, beginning with a second round-trip passenger train, and increase as tracks are upgraded. Up to a dozen stations would serve a projected 2030 ridership of 1.7 million trips.

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Where Will it Go?

Route Map

Service will start at the Twin Cities, including a stop at Union Depot in St. Paul, with additional stops in Red Wing and Winona before continuing on to Milwaukee and Chicago. With up to six stops in Wisconsin and two in Illinois, there are plenty of great destinations awaiting train travelers.

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Project Benefits

Safe, Competitive Transportation Alternative

High-speed rail expands the opportunities for business people, families and senior citizens to travel to great destinations within and outside of the scenic Mississippi River Route.

Saves Money And The Environment.

High-speed rail increases freight and passenger rail capacity, avoiding more expensive cars and trucks while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Grows Our Economy.

High-speed rail could lead to $2.3 billion in economic benefits and 1,600 permanent jobs in Minnesota in addition to the 15,000 construction jobs needed to complete the project.

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About TCMC Second Daily Train

The Twin Cities – Milwaukee – Chicago (TCMC) Second Train is a proposal to add a daily round-trip passenger train to the Twin Cities to Chicago route. This can be done relatively quickly at a relatively low cost, and it can demonstrate demand for this transportation alternative. Amtrak completed a feasibility study in cooperation with MnDOT, WisDOT, Ramsey and La Crosse counties and MNHSR in 2015. The study found that adding a second daily round-trip train was feasible. Adding a second train would offer more options to travelers, provide better eastbound reliability, and more frequent trains. Ridership on the Empire Builder within the Twin Cities-Chicago corridor is routinely high, exceeding 100,000 annually. A second train could carry 155,000 passengers annually. The TCMC is a first step towards the vision of faster, expanded service.

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