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Jane Prince

Position: Saint Paul City Council Ė Ward 7

Representing: I serve the south half of Saint Paulís East Side, including the Daytonís Bluff, Eastview, Battle Creek and Highwood Hills neighborhoods.


How long have you been in public service?

I have worked in the public sector for about half of my career, at the Saint Paul Department of Planning and Economic Development under Mayor George Latimer; as a City Council Aide to Councilmember Jay Benanav, and now as a city councilmember, myself. I have been active working with my neighbors on community issues for decades.

Why did you choose to be in public service?

I love municipal government, where everything is possible.

What is your favorite thing about your city, county or area?

My favorite thing about Saint Paul are the people, and our amazing citizen participation system, made up of elected boards for 17 continuous planning districts.

What is your city or area most known for? What is unique, or special about it?

Saint Paul is a city of neighborhoods. When you ask people where they live, they donít tell you a street, they name their neighborhood: Daytonís Bluff, Como Park, St. Anthony Park and so on. Our distinct and diverse neighborhoods, with their unique businesses, make this a very special place to live, work and play.

Why are you interested in high-speed rail in Minnesota?

Having grown up in the Boston area, I am a strong proponent of rail transit. High speed rail can only improve our Minnesota business climate.

What do you think is the most important benefit of high-speed rail?

Strengthen Minnesotaís position as the hub of the upper Midwest economy.


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