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La Rae Mills

Position: Cottage Grove City Council Member

Representing: City of Cottage Grove


How long have you been in public service?

I became a council member in 2017, but I have been on our city's Arts Commission for 2.5 years.

Why did you choose to be in public service?

I have a passion for the Arts and a passion for people. I see a vision set by our city that I would like to see accomplished and want to see Cottage Grove residents participating in our community on many different levels. I want to build Cottage Grove together.

What is your favorite thing about your city, county or area?

Cottage Grove has amazing parks and a growing outdoor walking and biking trail system.

What is your city or area most known for? What is unique, or special about it?

I think something that is unique is the 'unknown to most' history of the Cedarhurst Mansion which played a leading role in Minnesota's social and political history by welcoming guests of world prominence including 4 U.S. Presidents (Roosevelt, Harding, Coolidge and Taft) and foreign dignitaries. We also have some other hidden gems like the Historic John P Furber Farm and a Treehouse Suite at the Historic Hope Glen Farm.

Why are you interested in high-speed rail in Minnesota?

Transportation is vital to both residential and commercial development. Since Cottage Grove has a rail running through town it is extremely important that we are involved in decisions made with MN rail. Possible future stations will impact our community and I want to be involved.

What do you think is the most important benefit of high-speed rail?

I see a combination of benefits working together by connecting cities with high-speed rail, new business opportunities open up and travel can become more efficient all while reducing our carbon footprint.


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