Member Spotlight

Sandi Dingle

Position: Mayor

Representing: City of St. Paul Park, MN


How long have you been in public service?

I have had more than 12 years in office, and many more volunteering.

Why did you choose to be in public service?

Originally it was to ‘right a wrong’. When I didn’t like how the current City Council and Mayor were handling assessments to residents for road reconstruction, I did my homework and came to them with solutions. I got them to lower the assessment rate to residents from 100% to 75%. After that I received many phone calls asking me to run for office. Once elected, I got the Council to agree to lower the rate to 33% to residents and also refund the difference to those who paid 75%. I’ve stayed in office because I’ve come to know that if you care, you can make a difference.

What is your favorite thing about your city, county or area?

I love the small-town feel. I love that people stay in St. Paul Park. There are generations living here and it seems like everyone knows everyone and people care for one and other. That’s hard to find anymore.

What is your city or area most known for? What is unique, or special about it?

Probably our Heritage Days Celebration in August every year. It runs Friday-Sunday in the third weekend in August and it’s often described like a ‘whole town reunion’.

Why are you interested in high-speed rail in Minnesota?

I love to travel by rail and want to see it as an alternative for all!

What do you think is the most important benefit of high-speed rail?

Being an alternative to flying or driving. Traveling by rail, whether it be for business or pleasure allows people to slow down and enjoy the views life has to offer while being an efficient and cost effective way to travel!


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